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(ed note:  I had trouble decoding the cut'n'paste from EQ, so I hope that the following is correct.)

From: tadonnen

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 12:25:13 -0800

The forum post I made has slowed down, so I thought I could paste you the replies so you could see how much Wendy affected even those who didn't "meet" her.

Anyway, here are the responses from the people she played everquest with:





For those who were playing about a year and a half ago, Wendy Goss, the player of the gnomish rogue named Wavygravy, passed away after a battle with intestinal cancer. She played with Mystic Council of Knights and Rutabaga Paradox, but she had many friends outside of those guilds. More details can be found at wendynews.livejournal.com .


Oh my god, that just made me teary.

I was JUST talking about her with Bryan the other day.

I remember seeing her when I first started the game in 2002 and LOVING her name ... of course I thought the little gnomer with the flying dutchman hair named herself after The REAL Wavy Gravy http://www.nndb.com/people/905/000023836/wavy-gravy.jpg , and was thusly disappointed that she named herself after the Ben and Jerry's ice cream http://www.benjerry.com/assets/images/our_products/flavor_graveyard/countDown/wavy_dish.gif that was named after the real Wavy Gravy (he's a big hippy from the Woodstock days by the way, hehe), but I told her that I loved her little gnomer ass regardless.

What a damn shame. R.I.P. Wendy.


She was really sweet, she didn't even mind when I *accidentally**munched* her sometimes...

<3 gnome flavored cookies.

R.I.P. Wendy.


That's very sad. What a terrible loss. I always enjoyed chatting with her.

I wish there could have been more of that.

I believe the guild note for Wavygravy still says, "Gravy is not a beverage."


Wow this is sad news for i spent many hours chatting and hunting with Wavy (Wendy) while we were in Knights, Wavygravy is still on my friends list and thats where it will stay untill Ballgarr is no more.

Thanks for the fun times

Once a Knight always a Knight

Ballgarr Evertrue

Former Co-Leader

Mystic Council of Knights


Wavy was a very sweet person. I grouped with her several times during my 6 years in Norrath. She will be missed.

RIP Wendy

Everquest 1: Wavygravy

For those who played with Ruta about two years ago, Wendy Goss, who played a gnomish rogue named Wavygravy passed away this evening after battling intestinal cancer. More information can be found at wendynews.livejournal.com


Very sad. Wavygravy was a wonderful person.


I remember some wonderfully fun times with Wavy during my EQ1 days. We were blessed to have her around.


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