wendynews (wendynews) wrote,

Reflections: Lynnette

(From Email)

Many people are posting their reminiscences on LiveJournal, and I should
add mine in this letter. But I'm sorry to say that I can't think of
dates and time as the others do. No, that's not true. Two do stand
out. Your wedding and ours. Yours because I don't think I've seen two
happier people. You both glowed, and it made everyone who saw it feel
good. Ours because you made the effort to be there, and it would *not*
have felt right to get married without two such dear friends being
there. I still love the picture of Wendy wearing the silly toy glasses
as bug antennas.

No, for the most part I remember the lightness in my heart which came
when you both came through the door at a party. Wendy's wonderful mind
and spirit cause even the liveliest party to become that much brighter.
Much of the laughter and silliness originated in whatever corner she was
sitting in, but also much of the sense and reason. Many times my
frivolous mind has been made more sensible by a few calm thoughts from her.

My words have run out, I'm afraid. But the thoughts in my heart
continue. They always will, Wendy.

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