wendynews (wendynews) wrote,

Benediction: Geri

my turn to send some memories over the airwaves

late summer, 1995: though up to your neck in personal issues, you opened your home to me and gave me a safe place to make sense of the mess my life had (temporarily) become.

spring 1996, summer 1997 and summer 1998: you and Greg helped us move three times, though i think we only helped you twice

April 1999: one of the few events surrounding my father's passing that isn't largely a blur is the gathering at your place the night before the funeral. With friends like you to lean on, I knew I could get through anything.

October 1999: your wedding, like fleecyskis and bomand's before it, and wetbird and pawsitive's to follow, was a grand time :)

February 2000: when it all hit the fan, you did everything you possibly could to make it easier for both halves of a 'us' to become two 'me's again.

April 2000: when circumstances tried to keep my from celebrating my birthday with a concert by my favourite band three weeks after my cat died, you immediately volunteered yourself as driver for the six hour round trip drive to Seattle and back

November 2002: the events surrounding my mother's passing (and me moving into her house) are even blurrier than those of my father's. But i know you was there, because one of your friends was in trouble and you wouldn't have DREAMED of being anywhere else but at their side, doing whatever you could for them.

December 2004: when that ugly pit called 'depression' started to engulf me, though 4400km away and in the midst of your own problems - you took the time to help get me on my feet again.

July 2005: Once again, you played facilitator for a "Geri goes to see Great Big Sea", though this time you were a B&B hostess rather than chauffeur :). While hosting, you introduced me to Catalina salad dressing. As someone with food and other allergies, usually my horizons get narrowed by some manufacturer changing their recepie, so to have them expanded by you was a rare treat.

For all of these and hundreds more memories of good times, thank you Wendy. You have always been the best kind of friend anyone could ever ask for, and I'll treasure you forever.

Songwriter Fred Small wrote that "the only measure of your words and your deeds is the love you leave behind when you're done". I'm not sure that the world's oceans could hold it all. Claim your wings and fly free, knowing that the love you've invested in us all through the years will be reflected back to those who need it in the coming days, weeks and months as we struggle to learn to live without you.

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