wendynews (wendynews) wrote,

Reflections: Leyse

Wendy memory:

The first person I met out here of Dennis' friends. There was no hesitation or questioning, as soon as we said we were in love, you were there and supportive. You enabled me to the take the one biggest, most successful risk of my life. And who could forget the little detail that happened later that night, which I won't mention here.

You are the purveyor of board games, of stories from insane places you had been, of laughter, of warmth and love.

I still remember the night you randomly decided you were going to play Everquest. Right then. And then we all went out to the store and got you all the expansions and helped you make your gnome rogue. Wavygravy and Traszgo and Eowynne running around are some of my favourite memories of Everquest.

I love the way you tell stories. You have this quiet, collected voice that recounts every word carefully for maximum laughter. Thank you for saving me from Greg's political rants, and thank you for letting him rant away when I finally got interested. Thank you for being supportive, no matter how bad the decision made was. Thank you for believing in impossible things.

We all love you. I love you. I hope and pray there is nothing but peace for you.

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