April 6th, 2006

Angel Viola


From: feste

Wendy knew when the chemotherapy failed that she only had a limited time
left, and so she and Greg and her family talked about what she wanted
for her funeral. She even made a start on writing her eulogy. Here is
what she wrote:
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That's as far as she got though. Greg tried continuing it from that
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These are all facts, events in the life of someone we care about, but I
don't think they were why she wanted me to speak today. Wendy and I were
very good friends. I knew her about as well as a person can know another
person, I think. I was there for a lot of the events recounted in this
telling, such as Greg's proposal, which happened in mine and Geri's
dining room, and one of the cross-Canada drives. She and I shared much
of the same world-view, especially with regard to enjoying life at every
opportunity. Our sense of humor is very similar as well, or at least she
laughed at a lot of my dumb jokes.

It didn't take in-depth knowledge for Wendy to make a positive mpression
with people, though. Even in the short time she was at the Calgary ATCO
office, the people there were impressed by her work ethic and positive
attitude, and many of them came to visit her on one of her last lucid
days, the Saturday just before she left us. When her friends heard her
time was running out faster, many posted rememberances of her and how
she had affected them.
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"So maybe it's not you or her that people grieve for. Maybe it's
everyone else, who never had that blessing."