April 3rd, 2006

Angel Viola

Wendy's service: Credits

I live a thousand kilometres away from where we chose to have the service, so I did very little of the work, other than finding the photo albums and writing one speech.

The real work was done by Kelli and Fran Ashbridge, and by Michael and Lynette Dunn. And, of course Wendy. The overall strategic planning was done back in February. I delegated most of the actual tactical implementation other than a few yes/no questions with Mike several weeks back. The actual service was exactly the way I wanted it. Thanks for a perfect send-off.

I have said several times that you can measure the value of your own life by the value of the friends who choose to associate with you. I thank all of Wendy's friends for proving her value by, er, just being her friends. I thank both families, both mine and Wendy's, for their support through this period.

I will be posting a couple of extracts from the speeches once I get back to Calgary. (The internet connection I'm using to post this is very flakey and will fall over at any moment.)