March 20th, 2006

Angel Viola

Plan B -- Peace and Dignity

Back in January, I came home from the conference with Fran and Wendy and the oncologist. I was telling a friend on one of the IM chats that we had been forced to give up on the chemotherapy.

Q: So what is plan B?
A: Peace and dignity.
Q: THAT's a plan B??


It takes a lot of strength to keep the people around you sane in a situation like this. I hope that when my time I can show the strength that Wendy displayed in that final six weeks. Peace? Yes. Dignity? Yes. Other than a couple of days of quiet despair back in November, she faced the situation with calm reassurance that made it impossible for those nearby to panic. She set out to plan the details like she would any other voyage.

Even in that final week, when we all knew where things were going, she kept showing that flashbulb smile and cheerful approach to whatever was facing her. We all die sometime. Few do it with such strength and dignity. "Plan B" may not have been what my friend was looking for when he asked the question, but she fulfilled it to perfection.

I hope that I can find such strength and peace when my time comes.