March 8th, 2006

Angel Viola

Reflections: Theresa

I just heard the news only a short time ago. I truly am sorry for the
loss of Wendy. I met Wendy nearly sixteen years ago. She loved playing
Hand and Foot with Jon and I. The card game became popular with a group
called The Mindlinkers and was soon played with several people around
Lori and Ken's dinning room table on New Years eve. Wendy loved that
game. We loved to see her smile. I remember, it was in 1998. Wendy had
come into my hospital room a day or two after my first reconstructive hip
surgery. I was looped out on heavy pain killers and feeling absolutly
awful, like a truck had run me over- twice. She walked through my room,
looking tentitive and shy. My vision was blury which is odd because I
have better than 20-20 or at least that's what they said at the time.
"Wendy?" I asked. "Is that you?" I was surprised to see her because at
the time, she and Dan were no longer a couple. Our Hand and Foot days
seemed to be on hold indefinately. I also knew she was hurt and held some
resentment towards me for giving birth to a baby girl eighteen months
before. I didn't think Wendy liked me anymore and I was in constant pain
and a new exhausted mom that socializing took on a whole new meaning. I
blinked hard and tried to focus as she made her way towards my bed. "I
heard you were here and thought I'd stop by for a visit. I just came from
the cancer clinic and so I brought you this." She leaned over and showed
me a small gold angel pin then pinned it to my hopital gown. "Thank you,"
I said. We talked I'm sure but I don't remember anything else after that.
Like an angel she was gone but the pin remained. Sadly, my pin was taken
with the old laundry but my memory is as shiny and bright as that angle
was the first day she gave it to me. That's what memories are made of.
Thank you Wendy...

See you on higher ground!

Theresa Moleski
Angel Viola

Reflections: Flor

I'm going to miss you were my friend , my coworker , my
mentor. I thank-you for all the memories that we shared while working at
Marlin Travel and Amex and I thank-you for always being there for me when
I needed a friend.

I will always remember your beautiful wedding.

Most of all I will miss your witty humour, and your guidance and advice.

Thank-you Wendy.

Be with the angels ..