March 6th, 2006

Angel Viola

Reflections: Misty

I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with both of you in this most tragic of times. Wendy will always be a part of my thoughts, working with her at both Amex and Atco was just amazing. The joy and happiness she brought to the office and making everyday a great day to be at work, I also am so greatful to her for understanding how important family is, My first week at Atco my daughter had to get eye surgery and Wendy being the awesome person she is told me you take your baby and be with her and don't you worry about work, and for that I will always be greatful, knowing I had such a terrific boss. Wendy you will always be in my heart.

I hope you are at peace and have everyone who loves you so much with you at this moment.

Misty Molnar
Angel Viola

Reflections: Greg

Stage #1- Denial. I don't have a problem. [Mar. 6th, 2006|12:26 am]

Everyone gathered for the past five months to support Wendy. Now they're all gathering to support me.

My phobia in life has always been to make a bad decision. Often this ends up with me making no decision at all. Wendy's already built large fractions of the memorial service. The living will specified the big decision on Friday night. The living will specified a similar decision today. A master planner has already specified most of the important arrangements.

As I read the "five stage" charts, I'm allowed to tell people that I have no problem here ("denial") until it becomes time for me to become angry.

Everyone is phoning to commiserate and help me get over my loss? My loss? Some deity gave me a decade of Wendy. How is that a LOSS? I celebrate what was given to me. For all of my friends and Wendy's friends, you did not lose something. You gained those years. Do not despise the ending; celebrate the existence.
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I still toast Wendy Goss.  We do not moan her loss.  We celebrate a world that could give her to us.
Angel Viola

Reflections: Huey

2006-03-06 04:35 pm UTC 

There are exactly no things that some random [twit] on the internet can say to you right now, but I still feel possessed to try.

I see the way you've talked about her, and how wonderful a person she was, and it strikes me that even if you're capable of celebrating the fabulous gift that was your time with her, it is I, and the other people who never met her, who should be feeling the profound sense of loss. Here was another amazing person that most of the world did not know, and will now never have the chance to beyond what you and her other friends can tell us; the world has lost something precious, even if what you see is how much a blessing was your time together.

So maybe it's not you or her that people grieve for. Maybe it's everyone else, who never had that blessing. </p>
Angel Viola

Benediction: Barb


How fortunate any one of us is to be able to call you 'friend'. To have you as a colleague was an honour - even bunking together and claiming neither of us snores! Your love of working in travel, your appreciation of a job well done and your willingness to share your knowledge awakened with in others a new appreciation for one's own skills. You are an unselfish colleague with a true internal and external customer service spirit. To see you honoured with a bursary being named by ATCO is so exciting - and for this to happen while you are with us - so that you know her legacy will live on - is so special.

To have had an opportunity to turn a workplace colleague relationship into a personal friendship has been such fun. From beginning a tradition of meal-on-wheels for an ill friend alone in a new big city, to sharing Christmas, cat sitting duties (I don't think CJ and Midnight will every figure out the other's scent) and driveway storage for moving vans - our stories were just beginning. In the Owen home we celebrate the short time of our friendship with many happy memories. And we won't lose track of you, either, Greg!

So with a sad heart of seeing a you, Wendy, a good friend, off on a new journey, I celebrate the warm friendship we have enjoyed these past few short years.

God speed Wendy - Safe Journey. Don't forget your promise to give me a sign - if you able. I would really be happy to know you have crossed over safely. I will always remember the story you shared about the sea lion in the bay.

Much love,
Barbara and Rick