March 3rd, 2006

Angel Viola

From a document signed Jan 12, 2006

I.  It is MY WISH that no resuscitation be performed. I REFUSE PERMISSION to apply electrical stimulation to restart a malfunctioning heart. I REFUSE PERMISSION to attempt resuscitation by chest compression (CPR) or by other means. 

J.  It is MY WISH that should a situation arise that I am unable to communicate, and there is no reasonable expectation of my recovery and I am being kept alive by artificial or mechanical means, that all artificial support including support for breathing, nutrition and hydration be removed. At no time shall I be intubated for breathing support. Intrusive means of hydration or nutrition support shall be done only for temporary symptom relief, and not for long term support.

It is down to a day or two now.  I hope she lasts long enough for Dennis to get here.  She recognizes people, and can answer yes/no questions. 

We had an important conversation that I'd put off way too long late last night.  She was thoughtful and coherent at that point.  But today we had to boost the painkiller levels significantly.