March 2nd, 2006

Angel Viola

Update: Very weak.

Wendy has had problems keeping food down, and has successfully eaten very little in two weeks. This has gradually got much worse, and her doctor figures that it's a major obstruction of the bowel. Wendy doesn't have the strength to go through another major surgery like the two in October. The doctor made a point that we should be getting her family here "quickly".

So by Monday she was finding it very difficult to climb the stairs to bed. By Tuesday we'd decided to rent a bed for the living room so that she wouldn't have to climb the stairs. By Wednesday she was no longer able to walk across the bedroom to the ensuite bathroom. By Thursday she needed help to sit upright for a five minute sponge bath. Friday?

Her mother and sister are here, and her best friend from the Vancouver "darksiders" community will be here on Saturday.

She is at peace with her decisions and her treatment. Pain management has been successful. CHRA has been spectacular.

She is not strong enough for guests, and perhaps not even for phone calls. I thank everyone for wonderful support.