February 26th, 2006

Angel Viola

It's ME again. Different channel, same Wendy!

Greg thought you might appreciate having a Wendy category without having to scroll through his politics and geek humour. So here I am on "Wendynews". He brought over all the old news releases for historical reference.

So, in terms of update...

These last couple of weeks have been on a downhill trend. I went to the doctor's because I couldn't keep any food down, and he prescribed some drugs which are helping with that, but I'm still not eating much and am losing weight very rapidly. Since I saw most of you last in October, I have probably lost an additional hundred pounds.

Another thing that's wrong is that I can hardly sit up without being dizzy and lightheaded. I had a blood test on Friday which I hope will help the doctors figure out what is going wrong. Once they take care of that, I hope that I can regain some strength so I can go shopping for new clothes. None of my old clothes fit me.

I'm still in good spirits. I've had a lot of friends and family come visit from the coast. I haven't been in any significant pain. I just hope that the doctors can figure out these two nagging issues then I will be on the road to recovery soon. Sorry I couldn't come up the stairs to see everybody when I was in the office two weeks ago, but I just didn't have the strength to climb all those stairs.

I think about you guys every day and I hope you all had nice holidays and how come there's so much snow for the beginning of March?