October 28th, 2005

Angel Viola

From an email from Fran to other family

From an email by Fran ...

Hi everyone.

Today is the first time I've had the oportunity to get at a computer since returning to Calgary on Wednesday the 26th.

I spoke at length to Dr. Mack .. Wendy's doctor here at Foothills. He explained that she is coming along albeit slowly. Her white blood cell count is elevated again .. a cause for concern. As well, she has a "little bit of pneumonia" so they are keeping a close eye on her. Her jaundice is still bright yellow, but he assures us that the colour is strictly as a result of the type of fluid food she was receiving. It will take about three weeks for the colour to go away.

They are trying to schedule another CT scan for about Monday to see what changes have happened. The mass is still there, but he is hoping that with reduced swelling and shortened drain tubes (tubes create a fuzzy reading) that they can get a more clear picture of the situation inside. The next step would be aneedle biopsy of the centre of the mass. He is wondering at this point if the mass is a type of "Sarcoma" caused by previous radiation. The biopsy he took previously was from an "end" of the mass, and showed only infection. This is why it is so important to do another biopsy to see if there is something more.

On the positive side, Wendy is doing Physio every day for a little time.

She is encouragd to move about as much as possible. She also had the IV's removed, however, the line is still inplace ... just not being used. she is eating on her own, and is not nauseated at all. She is having some problems with her ostomy site as the stoma has receeded somewhat making it difficult to get a good seal on the ostomy appliance
when it is attached. The ostomy is right at the part of the body that bends when you try to sit or move, so creates some problems. The pain is getting better, although she says she "feels" more inside stuff now. Perhaps nerves beginning to heal somewhat. So she is on oxygen only and all meds are oral now which is great news. She still has not "looked" at her own incision or ostomy site. Perhaps a little frightened at the reality???

We got them moved into their new house. It's really a nice place, and will try to finish cleaning the old one tonight. Del and Denice have been fantastic to us, and I've enjoyed their company for the last two nights. I will probably try to stay at Greg's house from now on as Denice is not feeling well due to a back problem. I will try to help there if I can be of any assistance. Went to her son's hockey game last night .. A great win for them 6 to 2 over a higher division team. The first season game happens on Saturday. I would love to go, but believe I am playing taxi driver for John and Bryan. Wendy does not know that Bryan is coming to see her. I want to get Bryan and Austin (Denice's son) together as they are the same age and have hockey in common.

Wendy is really pooped out tired after physio. Having her dressings changed and ostomy site attended to regularly is exhausting for her too. Not much pain, but uncomfortable just the same.

I'm [Fran] off to the old house to finish up there, then go shopping for some bathroom stuff for the new house so we can use the showers there. Lots to do at the new house still, but at least the "stuff" is there.

Thanks for your extended good thoughts and wishes. Wendy says "hi to everyone".

On Monday, we start looking for a family doctor for her. After speaking to her attending doctor here at the hospital today, I have a better idea of what information to give when shopping for a new doc. Wish me luck. New doctors are hard to find here, and I really want to find one with hospital priviledges at Foothills.